Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo review: Camera and video samples

To accompany our Xperia Neo review we’ve put together this collection of photos taken using Sony Ericsson’s latest Android phone, which features an 8megapixel Exmor R sensor. Video is recorded at up to 720p HD resolution, making the Xperia Neo one of the better-featured mobiles out there when it comes to taking photos and recording films.

But what do the results actually look like when you point it at stuff and press the button? They look like this:

DSC 0075 DSC 0082

The Neo’s sensor does the job well. In good light shots are great, with colours coming across nice and brightly and pretty much as they were in reality. Detailed areas in the background go a little mushy when viewed at 100% size on your desktop, but results are still definitely usable.

DSC 0087

Macro mode close-ups are excellent. There’s nothing we like more than a nice leaf shot.

DSC 0078 DSC 0111

The Xperia Neo has a dedicated shutter button, which has a two-stage action – light-press to focus, then PRESS HARD to shoot. It’s a less rigid button than some, so your shots don’t end up blurry. Or if you prefer, there’s an option to use the touchscreen to take shots, too.

xperia neo review 18

xperia neo review 19

You get a nice slide-out gallery, that pops in from the right-hand side. Plus there’s a front-facing camera for video chatting. If anyone ever does a video chat.

DSC 0094

Indoor night shots taken with the flash are good as well, while the camera itself is generally fast to launch and navigate.

DSC 0096

In low-light dusky conditions, the Neo is superb. It still takes proper photos, rather than producing the over-saturated mess you see on some mobiles when the sun goes in. We have no complaints. It’s another very decent stills camera from Sony Ericsson.

xperia neo 720p sample

A still from a 720p video. Video is recorded in MP4 format. Results are good, smooth and the autofocus does a good job. There’s a slight lack of detail in the hair on the piggies, but at least the frame rate is a rock solid 29fps. Download an unedited MP4 recording here [29MB] to form your own opinion.

xperia neo review 20

The video player comes with the above options. Don’t make me type them all out. There’s also the option to use the camera’s LED flash as a permanent light for illuminating dark scenes, plus you can have standard autofocus, face detection or one fixed focus.

DSC 0125 DSC 0115

It’s a great camera, basically, certainly producing much brighter results and better at reproducing colours than the units HTC puts in its phones. The 720p video is smooth and perfectly usable, making the camera one of the main reasons to opt for the Xperia Neo come upgrade day.

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  1. Can’t decide if it’s Wales or Scotland. Might be wrong on both, ha.
    Very picturesque anyhow, and what reasonably good photos for a lower end phone :)

    • Gary C

       /  July 18, 2011

      Scotland. There are enough clues about my precise whereabouts in previous phone reviews to have me tracked down and brought to justice.

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