NICHE APP: Conker Tree Science: Leaf Watch

This is a rather excellent niche Android app, designed to help outdoor folk assist in the tracking of DEADLY CONKER-EATING MOTHS that are gradually eating away at the UK’s stock of horse-chestnut trees. Here’s a little snippet from the official explanation over on the Android Market:

What is happening to Britain’s horse-chestnut trees? Since 2002 Britain’s conker trees have been under attack from a non-native moth – and you can help scientists at the Universities of Bristol and Hull monitor what’s happening. The Conker Tree Science: Leaf Watch app shows you how to identify affected trees and enables you to submit your geo-located leaf photos.

Do some proper science on your telephone…

conker-moth-android-app-1 conker-moth-android-app-2

…and get a legitimate excuse to spend even the sunniest of days staring at your mobile. Read more about the conker-attacking moth at the University of Bristol & Hull’s web site. They made the app.