Huawei planning "high end" 3.7" Android phone for later this year

Chinese manufacturer Huawei, which we now know how to pronounce properly*, is planning to launch a “high end” Android smartphone later this year. According to V3, the phone will feature a 3.7″ touchscreen and bears a physical resemblance to the excellent HTC Desire S. It’ll also arrive with a “custom 3D interface” over the top of Android 2.3.

Currently being referred to as the Huawei Vision, the launch is planned for the second half of the year.

huawei vision

That’s not it. That’s just the first picture we could find that said Huawei in it. It’s the weekend, we’re allowed a bit of fun.

*Huawei is to be pronounced “Hwah-way”, which certain rude commentators suggest should sound a little like “Who are they”.