Retailer: LG Optimus 3D launching on June 6

As if there wasn’t enough choice already. Online retailer Clove has told the world it’s expecting LG’s oddball, dual-core, glasses-free, 4.3″ 3D Android phone to arrive in stock on June 6th, if for some bizarre reason you’re not won over by the current staggering range of upcoming Android mobiles.

Clove says this date is subject to change but is “accurate at this time”. That’ll do for us. We’ve written plenty of news on less factual information than that.

lg optimus 3d june 6

The site wants £455 for one, if you’re interested. We’re pretty keen on this for some reason.

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  1. I like the front face of this phone–maximizing the screen space with minimal plastic around it. Now if LG could just get rid of the LG logo (and most likely the carrier’s) on the front! Come on LG, maximize the screen on the front, loose the logos and anything else unnecessary–we know we bought an LG phone and the big logo on the back lets everyone else know it as well.

  2. Timbo

     /  April 22, 2011

    Maybe regretting buying the Nexus S 2 months ago now. Played with the 2x at Gadget Show and it was great, so this should be amazing really.

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