Samsung Galaxy 551 available via Vodafone UK, from £20.42 per month

This low-profile QWERTY Android slider from Samsung has been sneaked out via Vodafone UK, which is selling the Galaxy 551 on monthly tariffs – starting at £20.42 per month with a “free” phone with 100 minutes and a very “entry level” 250MB data allowance.

We’ve featured this phone before back in last October, when it was first announced under the model number Samsung i5510. It’s powered by Android 2.2, that screen’s a 3.2″ model and there’s a modest 3megapixel camera round the back.

galaxy 551 vodafone qwerty

Might be worth a go if you demand QWERTY but can’t quite stretch to an HTC Desire Z or the surprisingly nice Motorola Milestone 2. Check it out over at Vodafone.