Samsung Galaxy Tab in new PRICE CRASH SENSATION – now £359

Just when we thought the price of the Galaxy Tab was beginning to stabllise around the £400 mark, UK supermarket Tesco goes SAVINGS MAD and slices another chunk off the price of the Android tablet – taking it down to £359.20.

That’s quite a big percentage to chop off the price of the thing in one go.

galaxy tab tesco

It’ll just about be affordable by the time the new range of tablets flood onto the market. Link via Twitter.

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  1. That’s a bad sign, no Honeycomb for the early adopters…

  2. Tamblin

     /  January 25, 2011

    Such an embarrassingly short product lifecycle. How can something so amazing be pretty much obsolete after three months on sale?

  3. MrChaz

     /  January 25, 2011

    Who says it’s not going to get Honeycomb?

    • Rambo

       /  January 25, 2011

      Maybe, if you’re lucky it could be hit with a case of exponential decay!

  4. I hope for the device’s sake that it DOES get 3.0; I’ve used one at work a few times and it’s actually a pretty solid little device. It would be a terrible shame if Samsung decided to leave it with 2.2; although it wouldn’t surprise me if they did just that, and decided to push a Tab 2 with Honeycomb on it instead of upgrading perfectly good hardware.

    That said, the folks over at XDA-Devs will probably port some version of Honeycomb onto it if Samsung decide to abandon it. Smart lads they are, over there.

  5. Hands0n

     /  January 25, 2011

    Samsung will walk away from this. Their history of updating Android product is not too good so far. An official Samsung branded Honeycomb is extremely unlikely.

    I reckon this was a bit of an experiment by Samsung to test the market for such product. It was horrendously overpriced and far too early.

  6. I’m expecting the next Galaxy Tab at the MWC this february. So it’s logical that Samsung is lowering their price at this moment.

  7. James King

     /  January 31, 2011

    I’ve got the Samsung Galaxy Tab (UK), and I can honestly say it is the single best Android device I have ever used – the nice size that can fit in my pockets, and also be pulled out and plugged into the keyboard to turn into a laptop – just makes it an outstandingly all-round device.

    I had a Samsung E900 waaay back in the day, and then moved to LG. I then had an HTC hero, and was torn between the Desire HD and the Tab – I’m so glad I gave Samsung another chance.

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