"PlayStation Phone" gets comprehensive Chinese preview

While Sony Ericsson still remains TIGHT LIPPED about the status and even the existence of its “PlayStation Phone”, a Chinese forum has carried out a massive preview/review of the hardware, taking numerous photos and thoroughly examining the tech specs and performance of the Android gaming device.

Inside sits a relatively commonplace pairing of 1GHz Qualcomm processor and GPU, with the display operating at the high-res Android standard of 854×480. Also on the hardware front is a secondary mic for noise cancellation, plus a 5megapixel camera with flash.

playstation pocket

Also, the gaming app would appear to be called “PlayStation Pocket” – is this an app that will see PlayStation-branded games arrive on all Android phones? Sadly there are no actual GAMES listed in the app yet, so we’re still none the wiser as to what formats and types software this thing will actually play.

playstation phone preview

Read and see more over at Engadget. There’s piles and piles of new stuff.