Sony Ericsson to upgrade its X10 Mini series

Here’s something a bit bizarre – what looks like a flattened Sony Ericsson X10 Mini absolutely destroying the rest of the Android phone line-up in some speed tests.The images claim to show a redesigned X10 Mini featuring a 1GHz processor, upping the performance to top-of-the-range levels.

It’s more Xperia X8 in size, in fact, with reports claiming it features a 3″ 320×480 screen.

sony ericsson x10 mini redesign 1 sony ericsson x10 mini redesign 2

The case is also slightly different, with Sony Ericsson opting to place a curved Home button in the bottom of the body – and going for capacitive Menu and Back buttons this time around.

If this isn’t some alarmingly weird and well-orchestrated fake, expect a redesigned X10 Mini and hopefully an accompanying Mini Pro to be one or two of Sony Ericsson’s new announcements at Mobile World Congress next February. Images via Engadget and some random Chinese forum.