GALLERY: HTC Magic Android 2.2 update

Well they only went and did it. Vodafone’s amazing decision to update the ageing HTC Magic to Android 2.2 was only officially announced two days ago after six months of teasing – and it’s already out and installed on elderly HTC Magics across the UK.

So let’s update the Eurodroid HTC Magic and see what it looks like.

htc magic froyo update 1 htc magic froyo update 2

This part was quite frustrating. The Eurodroid HQ is currently suffering a partial phone line failure, resulting in dial-up speed internet access. So it took 45 minutes to download the 42.5MB second part of the HTC Magic update.

htc magic froyo update 3 htc magic froyo update 4

But then, as ever, all was quickly forgotten. The Magic 2.2 update was amazingly painless for us, with our old phone keeping all its apps and details throughout the upgrade process.

htc magic froyo update 5 htc magic froyo update 8

New fonts, new browser, access to the new enhanced 2.2 versions of key Google apps – it’s amazing to see Android 2.2 running on the old Magic, which features a terribly old fashioned 528MHz Qualcomm processor and, in this Vodafone model’s case, less RAM than most Android phones.

htc magic froyo update 9 htc magic froyo update 10

Android 2.2 adds multitouch support to the phone in supported apps like the Browser and Gallery. It’s a bit slow on web pages as you might expect, but works. And the updated Android browser is a vast, vast improvement over the rather simple Android 1.6 model.

htc magic froyo update 6x

htc magic froyo update 7x

And look, new camera layout and options. Thanks for the new telephone, HTC and Google and Vodafone. If nothing else, you’ve certainly increased the Magic’s eBay resale value.

htc magic froyo update 13 htc magic froyo update 14

There’s no wireless hotspot option, but it’s OK as there’s the standard wired Tethering tool for sharing mobile web access via your laptop. Compared to what was available before on the Android 1.6 Magic (NOTHING) it’s a huge improvement.

htc magic froyo update 15 htc magic froyo update 16

Saving apps to SD card and shuffling them back to your phone again JUST FOR FUN works…

htc magic froyo update 17 htc magic froyo update 18

…as does the multitouch enabled modern Android photo gallery.

htc magic froyo update 19 htc magic froyo update 12

It’s an amazing improvement for the seemingly abandoned HTC Magic. Well done to everyone at Google/HTC/Vodafone and their associated contributors for making it happen. You’ve all been very brave and patient.

The HTC Magic still feels generally a little slow in operation compared to the new telephones, but it’s vastly more usable and functional than it was when running Android 1.6. Refreshed and made equal to one of today’s entry level Android phones, Magic users can now happily delay that next upgrade until well into 2011.

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  1. Eric

     /  December 16, 2010

    My Magic just got the update to 2.2.1.
    Via Vodafone Germany.

    • Sam

       /  December 16, 2010

      At least yours works Eric…

      Mine isn’t working. It freezes constantly, lags constantly when it does decide to very slightly work. There is always a blank screen, my wall paper is there, nothing else…The phone then decides to switch itself off and back on again…nothing changes.

      Infuriating? YES…

      • Mabb

         /  December 16, 2010

        Mine is doing exactly the same it’s been like that for a few hours now, what are you doing to fix it? :(
        I can’t even recieve texts or anything ;[

        • Eric

           /  December 19, 2010

          Looks like I was lucky. It works just fine on my phone. I don’t know which revision it is, but I bought it about 11/09 so I guess it was a late model.

    • how ! i can’t make up gr8 !! could u help me !

  2. Shannon

     /  December 16, 2010

    Instantle regretting downloading this rubbish. phone is slower than ever, I can not get into my messaging and every page I am on has a ‘Android is ot responding’. I hope someone is reading this to FIX IT!!

  3. Gary C

     /  December 16, 2010

    Oh man, now I feel bad that mine just worked.

  4. sophie

     /  December 17, 2010

    Oh my god- this is NOT a helpful update- at all. I thought updates were meant to improve service, not slow it down and disable applications. This needs to sorted out now.. I am Not a happy customer

  5. Swayme

     /  December 17, 2010

    Uninstall a few apps to free up some memory. The Magic needs care.

  6. lei

     /  December 18, 2010

    Mine works really great.. Just what I’ve been waiting for.. I was use ADW launcher and themes before which makes the phone slower but this update is really great.. Vodafone Magic

  7. xingsta

     /  December 27, 2010

    the update would have been great if it worked!!!!!

  8. Abby C

     /  February 20, 2011

    Both me and my boyfriend, who have the magic have taken an instant dislike to this update. Our phones will turn off and on randomly, freeze, won’t respond, won’t load.
    Heaven forbid I need to call 999 because it’ll never load the damn screen in time. Won’t even let me answer the phone 70% of the time now. This update is ridiculous. NOT happy customers.

  9. robbie

     /  October 5, 2011

    hey I’m live in the Philippines and my magic brought at Qatar, there will be an update for my magic? Is there other way to upgrade my phone?

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