LG Optimus One review: Video, games and summary

OK, so parts one and two of our Optimus One review were a little light on facts and heavy on the messing around. So here we’ll answer a few more of the technical questions about the Android 2.2 phone, then attempt a meaningful conclusion as to whether you should buy one or not.

It will be just like a proper review.

optimus one review part 3 1

Someone asked if the Optimus One could play Angry Birds. Yes it can. The frame rate is fine most of the time, although it does slow down a little on more complex levels when there’s lots of physics stuff going on. It’s playable, but a bit of a pain when it crunches up at the start of a level.

optimus one review part 3 2

Someone also asked about the video formats and DivX/Xvid support. It successfully played this 624×342 resolution MPEG-4 XVID file.

optimus one review part 3 3

Here’s the Optimus One failing to play a 720×480 WMV file.

optimus one review part 3 4

A successful playback of a DivX file encoded at 352×256. That’s a pretty successful hit rate, as it’s pretty easy to live without WMVs. Speaker output is good. Pretty bassy and loud for a mobile speaker. Is that enough information?

optimus one review part 3 7 optimus one review part 3 8

And… someone asked it the Optimus One supports Live Wallpapers. Yes it does. No noticeable performance hit when one was in use. All good.

optimus one review part 3 5 optimus one review part 3 6

Any problems with the phone? Well, web browsing isn’t a smooth as you’d expect from an Android 2.2 phone. Scrolling around pages can be a little slow and jerky, while text is pretty jagged around the edges until you zoom right in on the page.

optimus one photo 1

Advantages? It’s a lot of phone for a very little money. It’s quite bland in design, but feels solid and does everything a modern Android phone should do, apart from Flash 10.1 support. Battery life is also great, much better that most Android phones we’ve used so far, thanks to a large 1500MaH battery and the efficient Android 2.2.

optimus one photo 2

Would we recommend one? The Optimus One is not as stylish or powerful as some Android phones out there today, but with a capacitive touchscreen and Android 2.2 onboard from launch, it’s certainly one of the better low-cost Android handsets available. It’s among the best of the £20 a month crowd.

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  1. Aslam

     /  November 24, 2010

    Gary..Decided to go for it….Thks for the review man..

    • curious guy

       /  March 5, 2011

      hey! i think you must hav this phone now.. please please tell me (and us) about any problem regarding this phone (xcpt 10.1 flash n the touch bug) !! please bro ! thanks neways.. :)

  2. Thanks for the review, expecting mine to arrive this week :) At least I hope so, can’t wait :) Definitely an upgrade from Vodafone 845

  3. Thanks a lot Gary…Optimus One seems a value for money phone…

  4. Shah

     /  November 25, 2010

    Thanx bro i was confused with Samsung galaxy3 , Videocon Zeus & Spice Mi 300 but u have cleared all of these thanx thank u very much !

  5. life is good

     /  November 26, 2010

    try to explore it has everything on it…

  6. andy

     /  December 12, 2010

    Can we use as an development tool or test android application?..

  7. Alex

     /  January 24, 2011

    Gr8 review man for the last three days i was just about to drop the idea of buying it, but thanks no force can stop me now , i only had a bit uncomfortability for how its speaker is gonna be coz that is not in any review but thanks man u told that it is pretty loud and bassy …………. keep up the good work…..

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