LG Optimus One review: Camera, GPS and apps

Time for PART TWO of our odyssey through the LG Optimus One, the newest 3.2″ Android 2.2 phone to hit the UK. In PART ONE we looked at the phone’s interface and web options, so here we’re going to fire up the camera, take a few photo samples, mess around with the GPS – AND MORE.

Our Optimus One was supplied by Three UK. Three didn’t say we have to link to its site in return, but it only seems polite. We also have to send it back, so don’t go accusing us of going easy on it because we got it for free.

lg optimus one android review 1

lg optimus one android review 4

Here’s the Optimus One’s camera settings. While the sensor is limited to only 3megapixels, the Optimus One has a good range of options with plenty of scene settings, photo and video resolutions. It’s got lots of things to play with.

optimus one photo samples 4

Including a macro mode. We do love a bit of macro mode. This was taken with the Optimus One in macro. Click on it to see the uncompressed original.

optimus one photo samples 1

This is the outside. This is what the outside looks like to the Optimus One’s DIGITAL EYE. Again, click on this to see the uncompressed original picture sample.

optimus one photo samples 2

This is a tree. The council has been round to remove all the leaves and put them into storage for winter, so all that’s left is the twiggy bits.

optimus one photo samples 3

This is a sign. You should now have enough raw data to be able to form your own opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of the Optimus One’s camera.

optimus one gps 1 optimus one gps 2

We had a special request from a reader to check the GPS connection. It works. We connected in just over 40 seconds and Google Maps Navigation was ready to go. It was a sunny day, although that probably doesn’t make much difference to satellites.

lg optimus one android review 2 lg optimus one android review 13

On the apps side of things, LG has included the ThinkFree Office tool, so you’re able to create DOCX text files and spreadsheets while “on the go”. Twitter and Facebook came pre-installed and setup as whopping widgets on a Home screen.

lg optimus one android review 12

“Just testing this phone’s ability to manipulate video via the YouTube app. Not gaining any enjoyment from this whatsoever.”

lg optimus one android review 8 lg optimus one android review 9

You get Car Home and all the fun its stripped-down in-car interface brings, and…

lg optimus one android review 11 lg optimus one android review 14

…we’re just about done. Maybe next we’ll take some photos of the actual phone itself and comment upon the build quality. Or maybe we’ll stop. We’ll gauge public reaction and see.

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  1. Hi there,

    Can u give details about Videoplayer…How about the divx playing capability ? Also whether it supports live wallpaper and angry birds for starters…

    • Gary C

       /  November 22, 2010

      It’s all so complicated :(

    • Lucy

       /  July 31, 2011

      it plays mp4, 3gp formats…

      but you can download different apps from android market to play different video formats

  2. Robert

     /  November 23, 2010

    Hi, it looks like so far the phone is what it promises to be. I wonder whether there is a workaround to be able to see flash content on this phone like flash movies/games etc., since it seems like officially this is unavailable despite the presence of Froyo.


    • Gary C

       /  November 23, 2010

      No idea about that. You need to hang around the hardcore power-user development forums for that sort of information.

      • Aslam

         /  November 24, 2010

        Thks for the info on GPS :), How about the Speaker output for songs, a decent output is fine….?

        • Lucy

           /  July 31, 2011

          speakers are quite good…..

          sound is too clear and loud….

          overall this is a Good Phone…..

    • Lucy

       /  July 31, 2011

      no idea about this….
      but you can open microsoft office’s file & edit them too

  3. andy

     /  December 12, 2010

    Can we use as an development tool or test android application?..

    • Gary C

       /  December 12, 2010

      Er… the phone connects fine via ADB if that’s what you mean?

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