Carmack: Android version of RAGE Mobile on the cards?

John Carmack, the legendary game coder, has just made an off-hand remark on his Twitter feed about the difficulties he may face in the future – when porting the astonishing iOS version of RAGE Mobile to Android.

If you’ve not been paying attention to game developments, RAGE is the newest multiformat id Software title, which looked staggeringly impressive when shown running on iOS to much acclaim at QuakeCon 2010 earlier this year. Here’s what MAY simply be a developer joke…

carmack rage mobile

…but you never know. Given the AMAZING MAGNITUDE of Carmack’s coding skills, he’s no doubt knocking together an Android version during his lunch hour for a bit of a laugh. Thanks to Stephen for the tip.


carmack rage project

So making an Android version of RAGE looks like it will indeed be a pet “fun” project of Carmack’s. If it goes well, maybe it’ll launch. Interesting.

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  1. I’d be happy if they just put the DOOM RPG on Android. I loved it on my old Nokia N70 – the only game I ever got for it.

  2. Clearly it isn’t Android has so much momentum and WAY more future growth potential, any serious developer ignoring Android right now is in for a VERY hard time ahead.

  3. MrChaz

     /  October 29, 2010

    That’s Adrian Carmack rather than John. I’m not sure if they’re even related :)

  4. I like the Android ,it can bring me a lot of fun and convenient,it is very wonderful.

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