Prototype Android-powered Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone photographed

Tech site Engadget has an amazing-if-true exclusive today – the first shots of that long-rumoured PlayStation Phone. It takes the form factor we were expecting – a landscape slider, with those familiar PlayStation control buttons sliding out from beneath what looks like an X10-sized 4″ screen.

Tech wise, it’s said to contain a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor – and that odd grey area in the middle is indeed a multitouch-enabled touchpad. Plus there’s another touchpad around the back and PlayStation-friendly Left and Right shoulder buttons along the top edge.

playstation phone

The prototype unit is unbranded and doesn’t yet feature any of Sony Ericsson’s Android customisations, but… wow all the same. Imagine the shockwaves this is going to cause.

One word of warning, though – not all prototype units hit the shop shelves. Until this is confirmed for release by Sony Ericsson, don’t get too excited. Hold yourself to about 8/10 excited for the time being.

Sony Europe’s gaming division has said the images are “definitely fake” – but we wouldn’t be surprised if the games people don’t know what the phone people are up to.