Acer Stream review: Camera and photo samples

We’ll continue our Acer Stream review with a look at the Android phone’s camera. The lens round the back of the Acer Stream is rated as a 5megapixel model, capable of recording video at 720p resolution. Results are OK! Here’s a collection of photos taken on the Stream – click on the image to see the uncompressed originals.

2010-10-13 14.02

Pictures at the highest setting are captured at 2592×1944 resolution, resulting in some vast 3MB files sitting on your SD card. Colours are good, but detail isn’t great when viewing them at original size.

2010-10-13 14.01

Marco mode is the star, producing great results. These made great jam, too.

2010-10-13 14.09

Took this cow’s photo time and time again, but she refused to smile.

2010-10-13 14.11

We’d happily use the Acer Stream as a replacement camera. Shots aren’t anything special, but are still better than we were expecting.