First shot of the front of the Acer Liquid Metal

Our Italian equals over at have some news on the previously reported Acer Liquid Metal, along with our first look at the upcoming new Android phone from the front.

According to the site this, new Acer will arrive running Android 2.2 from launch and that screen is a mid-sized 3.6-inch number. The phone will be appearing, in Italy at least, on Vodafone. We doubt Vodafone UK will stock it, mind. Vodafone UK already has more than enough Android phones without troubling Acer, surely?

acer liquid metal

And as pointed out by there’s a rather glaring error on this image – the user interface pictured there is Samsung’s TouchWiz skin. Although TouchWiz would be infinitely preferable to the bizarre Android skin Acer applied to its Acer Stream.

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  1. Chris

     /  October 6, 2010

    Looks like a modified Acer Liquid. Quick FYI, the Acer Android 2.2 OSs all sport the Acer UI from Stream, but its a simple settings menu option to change it to default Froyo.

    I own a Liquid and have an eye out for the up coming 2.2 update.

    • Gary C

       /  October 6, 2010

      Gosh, is there an option to turn the UI off in the 2.1 Stream? I’m (supposed to be) reviewing it at the moment, but get crushingly demoralised every time I see that insane home/widget setup.

      I should probably just have a look myself, shouldn’t I?

      • Chris

         /  October 6, 2010

        If it is like the leaked 2.2 update for my liquid it should be in the settings app/menu. If you look at at around 13:20 he goes into the menu and switches the UI.

        This is the leaked version for the Liquid, so it might be because we never had the UI before, it could be hardwired in the Stream 2.1.

        • Gary C

           /  October 6, 2010

          Good lord yes, the Stream has that same option. Thanks!

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