WEEKLY WRAP: Elsewhere in Android this week

Here’s our weekly summary of the news stories we didn’t cover this week, along with some of the more interesting mentions Android has picked up in other places over the last seven days.

What didn’t we do? This lot.

Dell’s 7-inch Android Tablet is a Snoozer So Far
They keep making tablets, we keep shrugging our shoulders and not being excited about them whatsoever. Unless we’re pretending for internet traffic rank purposes, of course :(

Sony Ericsson abandons Symbian for Android and WP7
SE said Android is “definitely our focus” going forwards. But we didn’t fancy spinning that one quote out into a whole news piece.

Analyst: Android to pass Nokia in 2012, half billion handsets by 2015
Some big numbers. We should’ve mentioned this. Makes very bad reading for Nokia.

android 2015 market share

Glasses-free 3D for iPhone and Android phones
This current 3D trend is such a nonsense. How many 3D revivals have you lived through so far? This is my third.

High streets of San Francisco
Even The Sun got excited about the Orange San Francisco!

Sony’s PlayStation division looking for engineers with Android dev experience
But they might just be making a Trophies app.

sony android developer recruitment

Samsung admits Galaxy Tab display issues with some Android apps
That’ll take the shine off your £600 new toy.

More countries will soon get paid apps in Android Market
But no one’s said which countries yet.

Will a Collaboration with INQ Bring us a Facebook Phone Running Android?
Sounds like a silly idea, really. And what happened to that INQ/Spotify phone that was rumoured last year?

facebook inq phone

We’ll give up there for today. Apologies for the half-hearted nature of this week’s summary. It’s a nice day and we really should get out and strim the garden.