WEEKLY WRAP: Elsewhere in Android this week

We’re done for another week, and shall be spending the rest of the day trying not to think about possible future model names for Huawei handsets.

We’ll leave you with our regular Sunday round-up of the stories we didn’t cover this week, along with the more interesting mentions Android picked up from the mainstream media.

Google: ‘Android not optimised for tablets’
It is a little strange that many of the forthcoming Android tablets won’t allow access to the Android Market.

Samsung Electronics May Use Google’s Android Software in TVs
We’re sure Samsung is considering lots of things. We’ll mention them when they look like actually happening and there’s an associated image.

Top 5 Best Android Games: Apps of the Week
Even Metro is getting in on the crowded smartphone list feature scene.

metro best android games

Analysts say that Nokia is unlikely to make Android-powered smartphones
Good points, basically saying Nokia wouldn’t have any unique offerings if it joined Android.

Second SMS Android Trojan targets smut-seeking Russians
Another totally remote security risk flagged up as some sort of life-threatening hell for Android. Who would download an Android app while browsing a Russian porn site?

HTC PD42100: Slider QWERTY and Android 3.0?
Lamest attempt at keyword bingo of the week. “Talk” of Android 3.0? “Suggestions” it could be the “Nexus Two”? Christ almighty.

nexus three android v5

AT&T surprised at slow Torch sales while Android, iPhone win
Latest BlackBerry dying a death in the US, due to “tremendous” Android momentum.

Report: Android to win half of smartphone market
This was about what may or may not happen by the year 2012.

LG Optimus One and Optimus Chic set for Sept 14 debut
LG is holding a press conference next week to announce those Android phones it announced… two months ago.

lg sept 14 conference

That’ll do. We’re getting bitter and are in trouble enough already. See you next week, everyone.