Google Voice updated – but still not working in the UK

Just thought we’d mention the Android Google Voice app quickly, seeing as Google’s just updated the chat and phone aggregator today. You can download it and install it right now – but it won’t work here. That’s the bottom line.

Until Google sorts out a deal with the UK mobile network and landline operators to bring Google Voice to the UK, this is what happens when you try to use it outside of the US:

google voice uk 2 google voice uk 1

It doesn’t work. Thought we’d give it a try as there’s nothing good on the telly tonight. One day it will work. And if you do go to you’ll be told it’s not working again. Officially. So don’t waste your time installing it, like we just did on the off chance it’s working. It’s not working.

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  1. Andy

     /  September 10, 2010

    I can’t recall when I last updated this app, but just tried a couple of searches and it is working fine, using a Desire on 02.

  2. Andy

     /  September 10, 2010

    To be fair I am talking about Google Voice Search of there is some other voice facility app to which this refers I may have made an arse of myself.

    • Gary C

       /  September 10, 2010

      Yeah, it’s a different thing. This gives you a custom Google phone number which can be tied into all your mobile and landline accounts, for free texting and discounted calls. If you’re in America.

  3. Andy

     /  September 10, 2010

    Thanks for clarifying, sounds like its worth having assuming its ever introduced over here.

  4. Dan

     /  March 30, 2011

    You can use the google voice call phone feature in the UK again. Check out this article:

    • Mike

       /  April 3, 2011

      Thanks for the info, Dan. I’ve tried a bunch of free VPN services that are available online, but none of them worked. Some I couldn’t log into, and other’s just didn’t give me a US IP. There was one, but it made a bunch of ADs appear at the top of each webpage. Anyway, I decided to try the solution at the link you provided because it was a one time fee, unlike the paid VPN services. It worked great! I’m in the UK and I’m so happy to finally get my call phone button back.

  1. Google Voice updated – but still not working in the UK