WEEKLY WRAP: Elsewhere in Android this week

It was an exciting week, if you’re into the whole tablet scene. The IFA tech show was packed with new ways to play with Android on screens between 7″ and 10″, topped off nicely by the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

But what else happened this week apart from this massive ejaculation of Android tablets? This lot. The news we didn’t cover over the last seven days.

ViewSonic Puts Windows 7, Android on 10-inch Tablet
Still not bothered about tablets. Is there something wrong with us?

Keep Making (the) Tablets
The Sun did a round-up of tablets. The headline on the main page was the rather clever “Keep Making the Tablets” but for some reason the “the” was dropped for the actual story. So it didn’t really work. Anyway…

LG Optimus Pad Unveiled, Super Thin and Running Android
That thing LG’s been dropping BIG HINTS about for months appeared. The pictures are rubbish. And there are no specs or sizes.

lg optimus pad

Get Google Android cheap
Even The Sun is excited about the Huawei IDEOS! That Huawei fan site we’re working on is going to be MASSIVE.

Microsoft: Android Hidden Costs Are Expensive
Probably lies. Couldn’t be bothered reading it. Google has enough money for anything.

Will Samsung dump Windows Phone 7 for Android?
The quotes they use certainly make it sound pretty likely, outside of the odd token Windows Phone 7 handset.

samsung dropping android

ZTE to launch Android tablet this year
Wow. We do love the machinations of these Chinese manufacturers. Who’s up for launching a ZTE fan site as well?

Android App Developers Endure Lower Sales in Search of Growth
It’ll soon pay off. Hang in there, gentlemen. Good times are coming.

Dell Streak owners should get Android 2.1 tomorrow from O2
Thought about it, but how many people really bought the Dell Streak via O2? No offence, like, Streak owners.

dell streak )2 update

Google negotiating for Android music service
Can’t wait for this. All the Android syncing/streaming apps out there are going to get NUKED.

Sony Ericsson Aims to Be World’s Largest Android-Phone Supplier
Including the rather surprising fact that Sony Ericsson currently has 17% of the Android phone market.

HTC To Reveal Win Mobile 7 HD3 In UK On Sept 15
This site says HTC will also show off an Android tablet at that September 15 event. That’d be complimentary drink-droppingly exciting.

htc android tablet coming

That’ll do for week 35 of 2010. We’re off to create a few more mock-up layouts of our Huawei fan site. See you later or tomorrow, everyone.