WEEKLY WRAP: Elsewhere in Android this week

Time for our lazy Sunday stroll through the Android news of the last week, in which we feature the news stories we didn’t do as a sort of punishment for not trying hard enough at the time.

So here’s the biggest news we didn’t report over the last seven days, along with the more interesting mentions Android picked up from the mainstream media.

Game advocate DeLoura departs Google after 4 months
Oh dear. We remember him joining as if it was yesterday. Sounds like he was getting bullied, or perhaps didn’t like the commute? Or his desk position?

Revealed: Android Honeycomb next up from Google
A nice scoop from Team Techradar. We didn’t fancy having to base a whole story around the revelation of one word, though. We’re not Orson Welles.

Texting World Record Broken on Samsung Galaxy S
It can’t have been much of a world record to begin with, if a woman in a supermarket beat it after being asked to try as a PR stunt. What happened next? Did she beat Usain Bolt in an impromptu 100m race around some traffic cones in the car park?


Vodafone gets in another fine mess over Android, this time with Galaxy S
Didn’t follow this one at all. Suspect it was largely nonsense blown out of all proportion?

This Android Tablet Doesn’t Need Glasses for 3D
Not convinced there’s any sort of market for tablets or 3D. Putting them together won’t help.

ViewSonic Android tablet: Pictures emerge
Those buttons don’t look like Android icons, but then it’s possible ViewSonic doesn’t get the most up-to-date branding emails from Google.

viewsonic android tablet

Hotmail push email headed for iPhone and Windows Phone 7
We’ve noticed that Hotmail now auto-refreshes itself in the desktop web browser already. No idea how Exchange works, though. We’ll read up on it.

Sony’s Newest Android Phone Is a High Dose of Can-Do
The Americans like the X10. Guess it’s a size thing.

Gorgeous, mysterious, EVO-ish HTC device headed for Verizon
We’re already very confused about HTC’s future line-up. Ignored this one on purpose. Too many model names and megapixel counts swimming about in our heads at the moment.

mystery htc kickstand

That’ll do for today, unless you want another 20 links to rumours about Android tablets? We’re guessing not. See you later or next week, everyone.

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  1. Andy Burns

     /  August 29, 2010


    • Gary C

       /  August 30, 2010

      If there was a prize, it’d be in the post.

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    Thanks so much for your time. Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Boink

     /  October 2, 2011

    Why do you all have such huge egos?