Nokia users design their next phone – would like Android, please

Nokia’s been holding an interesting “crowd sourcing” experiment recently, where it’s been asking its fans to come up with the spec sheet for a possible future dream Nokia smartphone as part of its Design by Community initiative.

As well as voting for obvious things like a 4″ capacitive touchscreen and an 8megapixel camera, Nokia users demanded one very interesting feature – an “Open source operating system with unlimited multitasking“.

Which sounds a bit familiar.

nokia design community concept

Read the results of Nokia’s Design by Community feature here, which is where the above design concept comes from. Will PEOPLE POWER finally convince Nokia to go with Android?

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  1. MarkG

     /  July 27, 2010

    Nokia HAS to adopt Android, it’s losing too much marketshare by trying to do it’s own thing. They will end up with an Android copy that has a sparse and barren app store and a small marketshare.

    I would love to see Nokia join the Open Handset Alliance and concentrate on what they are good at: Great hardware. Let Android and a small Nokia software team take care of the software and UI.

    I’d also love to see Apple shit their pants when it happens.. :-)

  2. I’m not convinced that this is the Nokia users asking for Android specifically, given the existence of Maemo and the work that Nokia have done there.

  3. Dragos

     /  July 27, 2010

    Open source operating system with unlimited multitasking applies even more to Maemo, Meego and Symbian than to Android (if one OS can be “more” Open Source than another, and it seems it can as Maemo is even more community oriented, transparent and accessible on the device than Android).

  4. Franc

     /  July 27, 2010

    Hmm talk about being biased..

    the “Open source operating system with unlimited multitasking“ may very well refer to the new Symbian version, Gary C

  5. It does indeed sound familiar. I have here a device by Nokia with a delightful open source Maemo 5 OS and multitasking limited by hardware capability alone. And the other OS line used in their smartphones, Symbian, has also been opened. It, too, does multitasking. Not that I have anything against Android, but I don’t really see how three seperate operating systems would significantly improve the company’s situation.

  6. luke

     /  July 28, 2010

    it annoys me how andoid users think they have true multitasking… after owning a nokia n900, using my gfs HTC desire is PAINFUL when it comes to multitasking,

    android isnt a bad os, but multitasking isnt one of its strong points…
    check out a youtube video of the N900 multitasking then you will see what nokia users mean by true unlimited multitasking.. being able to open up as many programs as you want…ive seen about 50 at once, switch effortless between them and see them all at once with LIVE thumbnails vs. a list of 5 icons that may or may not be open.. no contest

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