Google Maps updated to v4.4 – now with more Google Places features

The all-powerful Google Maps Android app continues its lightning pace of evolution, today updating to version 4.4 – which separates out the Google Places features into an entirely separate, standalone, place-reviewing-and-finding tool.

Here’s how Google explains the new spun-out Google Places toys:

With updated Place Pages, you should be able to find all you need to know about a place, whether you’re wandering into a new restaurant or deciding from your couch. In addition to photos and reviews, Place Pages now have a bunch of new details, such as prices, parking and menu links to inform your quest for the perfect steak. You’ll also notice that the search results list now highlights business opening hours in addition to compass direction and distance — consider it your late night caffeine radar

So, and we hate to sound like a stuck record on this, it sounds like Google Places will be of most use if you (a) live in San Francisco and (b) require pointing to your nearest Starbucks with reliable wi-fi.

google maps places android 1 google maps places android 2

Read all about what’s new in Google Maps 4.4 and Google Places over on the Google Mobile Blog.

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  1. Turbohobbit

     /  July 27, 2010

    Have you seen the size of it? 8.5Mb! It’s HER-YOU-JJ!

  2. seaempty

     /  July 27, 2010

    If I had to use one feature to sell an Android phone over other smart phones, it would be the integration of Google Maps. I love Latitude and Places (although I would love the latter to be updated more regularly), and I still can’t believe that Navigation is free. It just all works so well.

    Oh, and this update appears to have fixed the Navigation Street View problem – seems to work fine on my phone now.

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