Vodafone: Nexus One "FroYo" Android 2.2 update in the "next few days"

We’ve been keeping deliberately quiet about the status of Android 2.2 for UK-bought Vodafone Nexus Ones, as there’s an ALMIGHTY 48-page thread of pure rage going on over on the Vodafone support site about it – where Nexus users are not happy about Vodafone taking an age to test/tweak the “FroYo” release for UK users.

However, a relief well is being drilled – Vodafone Germany has tweeted that the FroYo update for Vodafone Nexus phones should be here in a few days. Here’s the German-language update:

vodafone nexus one froyo

When popped through an auto-translator, that comes out as “Firmware update for #Nexus One presumably in the next days. For further Android terminals in planning“. Won’t that be nice, Vodafone Nexus owners?