Vodafone 845 review: Camera and media

Here’s a bit more about the Vodafone 845, the new “entry level” Android 2.1 phone that’s just gone on sale in the UK. We’re excited about it because we imagine it’ll be the sort of “affordable” Android phone that a lot of people are going to be getting for their birthdays – so it’s important it makes a good impression.

It’s also the first phone we’ve been sent to review. That helps.

vodafone 845 review 23

Vodafone doesn’t supply a microSD card with the 845, so when firing up the camera you’re told you’re using the phone’s internal memory to save shots. This makes it impossible to remove pics and videos via USB lead, as the phone’s internal memory won’t show up as a removable drive. You need to put a microSD card in your shopping basket if you’re considering an 845.

vodafone 845 review 24

The only way to get photos out of the phone’s own memory is to use Android’s sharing menu and email, Bluetooth or social network them to yourself. And everything’s not supposed to be blue here – we’ve just got the “Aqua” colour filter effect turned on.

Click through for some photo & video samples…

vodafone 845 review 25

That’s better.

vodafone 845 photo sample 2

Here’s a photo taken outside with the 845. It’s raining quite a bit here today. Sorry about that. Photo quality is pretty poor, to be honest. It’s taking on an impressionist look, but at least it… works.

vodafone 845 photo sample 1

And here’s a close-up. There’s no focus or flash on the 845, so don’t expect to be putting on exhibitions at the Tate Modern.

vodafone 845 review 26

Videos come out as 352×288 resolution 3GP files. The in-phone playback tool manages them well, but it’s a bit on the blocky side. Download a raw 1.3MB sample movie here, if you’re curious.

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  1. Alcino

     /  July 5, 2010

    Thanks for the review. Camera kinda sucks :s

  2. Gary C

     /  July 5, 2010

    Yep, although using the touchscreen to take a shot means it’s hard to hold it still, so it might not be *quite* as blurry as that.

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