LG expands its Optimus range – Optimus One, Optimus Chic and Optimus Z revealed

LG has sent out a few photos of a load of new Optimus-branded Android phones, showing us something for the MEN, one for the LADIES and another one that’s definitely “entry level” for those on a budget without much of a choice.

lg optimus one

This is the “entry level” one – the LG Optimus One With Google. It’ll arrive in LG’s Korean homeland in Q3 and features Android 2.2 as its OS. We can’t learn anything more than that from the Korean announcement. Sorry.

lg optimus chic

This one’s the Optimus Chic. The use of the word “chic” leads us to presume this one will be targeted at the lady buyer. Will ship with Android 2.2.

lg optimus z

And here’s the updated Optimus Z. This is the tech-heavy one for MEN! The new Z will come with a Texas Instruments OMAP3630 processor inside – with a 3.8″ display and HD video capabilities coupled with HDMI output.

lg android optimus range 1

And here’s the glamour shot of them all together as a reward for your reading.

lg android optimus range 2

And another one. Nice work, ladies. Be careful, they’re new.