Vodafone to stock Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro

The X10 Mini is out in many countries (as a casual glance around the edges of this update will tell you), so now it’s time for the slightly chunkier QWERTY-enabled version of the tiny Android phone to arrive – and Vodafone’s going to be stocking the thing.

Its famed “Coming Soon” page now features an entry for the X10 Mini Pro, with keen miniaturisation enthusiasts able to register for updates about the Mini Pro’s availability when Vodafone is prepared to set the phone free.

x10 mini pro vodafone

We’d expect the QWERTY slider to appear on similarly low-end tariffs as the X10 Mini. And it’ll be interesting to see how typing is on a keyboard that small – although anything will be a relief after using the original X10 Mini’s numeric keypad only text entry system.

Incidentally, as well as the Vodafone 845 we’re currently reviewing, Vodafone’s also loaned us a review unit of its version of the X10 Mini – so if you have any questions about that, fire them in.

Our poor little SIM card is all over the place this week.