Vodafone 845 review: Keyboard & text entry

We’ll continue our look at the Vodafone 845 today by focusing on how Vodafone’s new “entry level” Android phone’s keyboard and text entry system works. It works pretty well, all told, but remember the touchscreen technology in the 845 is the older resistive type – meaning you have to get used to PRESSING RATHER HARD.

Just so you know.

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Vodafone/Huawei have pre-loaded CooTek’s TouchPal alternate keyboard on the 845, which comes with a few nice options. Most notable is its Word Prediction tool – which tries to guess what word you’re going to type next. If you have a limited, dog-like vocabulary, it will make texting much easier…

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The rather enormous keyboard menu here gives you modern cut & paste options, complete with ‘Select All’ and much more. Combined with the 845′s really rather responsive and precise optical trackpad, it makes managing text significantly easier than on some other Android versions.

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You also get the option of using old-school numeric keypad-style text entry, which is actually the best way to write on the 845′s small-ish 2.8″ screen – thanks to its resistive touchscreen that requires heavy-pressing to register touches. Heavy-pressing is easier when you’ve got more to aim at.

And there are plenty of pre-formatted smiley faces, to ease drunken flirtation. We’re off out now to test the 845′s camera – if you have any questions do fire them in.

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  1. Michelle

     /  September 29, 2010

    How can i add extra words to my dictionary…am using the touchpal option and it doesn’t even let me type…doesn’t!!! am i better off just using the qwerty keyboard?

  2. Paul

     /  June 22, 2011

    How do you switch between android and touch pal keyboards?

    • Tash

       /  July 21, 2011

      Hi Paul. You hold down the area you write your text in and it brings up the menu.

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