Orange now shipping the 'Black Edition' HTC Desire – yours on £22.50 tariffs

Orange has finally started taking online orders for the exclusive Black Edition HTC Desire it revealed a good few weeks back and it’s available on some rather generous packages.

The cheapest monthly tariff is a 24-month ‘Dolphin 25′ bundle, which gives you the handset for £99, along with 300 minutes of human voice interaction, 500MB of the internet and unlimited text messages, all for an online-only discounted monthly price of £22.50.

That’s not bad. Here it is in our test-order basket:

htc desire black edition orange

No order was actually placed, this was simply a test to see if you get charged £299 for shipping at the final hurdle. You don’t. But it still doesn’t look very “black” though, does it?

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  1. Tom Watney

     /  May 4, 2010

    Though the phone is now listed on the website as being available, it would not let me complete the order. Failed at the personal details page. I rang sales, who said the phone isn’t in stock yet. It is expected today (4th May), but they haven’t got it yet. I will get a call once it is available. There is only 2,000 phones available in the first delivery.

  2. Gary C

     /  May 5, 2010

    Thanks, Tom. Good luck getting on THE LIST.

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