Dell Streak: Official product shots & Dell demonstration video

Finally we have a nice, high-resolution photograph of the Dell Streak, the 5″ Android tablet/phone hybrid that’s launching in the UK during June.

We can finally retire that awful photo of a man holding one we stole off someone else’s internet site several months ago. Here it is. They could’ve switched the thing on to make it look a bit more exciting.

dell streak carbon black

streak angle

streak back

streak standing

That’s the Dell Streak in a colour Dell is calling “Carbon Black”. And here’s a Dell video featuring Kevin Andrew, from the Dell Streak development team, telling you all about his DREAM of a Dell-powered future:

Looks very smart. It’s well worth watching this video to get an idea of who exactly Dell thinks might want an enormous 5″ mobile phone. It also has “pinch to zoom” abilities on its web browser, some people might like to hear.