Phones4U stocking the Nexus One from May 7

According to a report featured on Mobile Magazine yesterday, high street chain Phones4U is set to start offering the Nexus One from May 7 – that’s basically tomorrow if our maths is correct.

The P4U Nexus tariffs are a bit pricey, with the phone apparently coming on a top-end £35-per-month package and locked into a 24-month contract. Here’s what Phones 4U’s Russell Braterman had to say about that:

“We are extremely excited about Google’s introduction of such a state of the art device into the market, which will no doubt have a significant impact on the mobile space from here on out. We’re really proud to be one of the first mobile retailers to stock Google’s Nexus One and we anticipate a rush of customers to be the first to get their hands on the phone”

phones4u nexus one may 7

There’s no listing for the phone on Phones4U’s web site as of yet, so we’re unable to see if it’s available on any networks other than Vodafone or sold unlocked. We’ll be excited about finding out tomorrow. Seriously.

Link via MM and Phandroid.

Like all good journalists we’ve just checked Twitter after the event, where Phones4U says its Nexus One only comes on a Vodafone contract.

phones4u nexus one vodafone

We’re still excited about seeing it with our own eyes tomorrow.