Layar launches "world's first augmented reality store"

Layar, the technically impressive mobile augmented reality app, has seen a potentially HUGE update arrive today in the form of an accompanying store full of paid-for layers.

Layar, which says its app has been downloaded by over 1.6 million user on Android and iPhone, has initially teamed up with PayPal to offer in-app layer purchases to users living in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia – with more countries and payment solutions coming online soon.

Here’s the Berlitz City Guide, brought to life via a Layar layer:

layar paid layers 4 layar paid layers 3

Layar has so far announced tools from the following product makers:

Berlitz City Guides: Berlitz helps people experience the city’s highlights: the best attractions, coziest restaurants, most comfortable hotels, coolest places to shop and most fashionable nightlife.

Mouse Reality for Disney World and Disneyland: Helps find and navigate all attractions, shows, shops, dinning, transportation, and more in Disneyland and Disney World.

EyeTour: Explore Puerto Rico’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage through exclusive video content of historical sites, museums, restaurants, parks and more.

UK sold prices: Find out for what price that house was sold.

Check out more of Layar’s Paid Product Partners over on the company’s announcement page – here’s a quick sample:

layar paid layers 2

layar paid layers 2

layar paid layers 1

Read the full announcement over on the Layar blog, if you would like to know more and live somewhere where Layar actually has some use. We live in the countryside where nothing happens when you open it up.

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  1. Am I crazy, or was it forbidden to have in-app purchases on android?
    Or is this only a limitation in Apple’s app-store?

  1. Layar lancia il primo "negozio mondiale con realtà aumentata"
  2. Layar eröffnet den ersten Augmented Reality Shop | Banedon's Cyber-Junk