Nexus One launching in "April" says Vodafone UK

Vodafone’s updated its famed “Coming Soon” page today, adding a date to its holding page for the Nexus One – well, adding a month at least.

Where it previously said “coming soon” it now says “April” – as in NOW. As in ANY SECOND NOW. There’s not much of April left, so if you’re after a Nexus through Vodafone and whatever arrangement it’s struck with Google to supply the Android phones to the UK, it might be worth bookmarking that page and refreshing it like a madman for further news.

As we do. Here’s where it says “April”.

nexus one vodafone uk

Vodafone only updated this page today, so surely it can’t be an administrative mix-up? If you say “April” in the middle of “April” it’s pretty much got to mean “April” for sure, right?