HTC already updating the HTC Desire's European firmware

Even though the first HTC Desires have only just left the factory and been thrown roughly though letterboxes by couriers across the UK, HTC has today announced that a new over-the-air update is ready for the world’s new most popular Android phone. You’ll be getting it very soon.

HTC doesn’t actually say what the update DOES in its support update on the matter, though, simply telling users it’ll provide them with the “best experience” through their new Desires. Here’s the quote from HTC. See if you can infer any sort of meaning. We’ve given up trying:

“In our commitment to providing you with the best user experience, we are pushing out a new firmware update to you phone. Your phone will receive a notification of this update when it is made available. Simply press OK to accept the update via a data connection such as Wi-Fi or GPRS/3G. After installing the update, you can confirm a successful update by confirming the Software Number (From the Home Screen go to MENU> Settings> About Phone> Software information> Software number). The new software number after the update will be 1.15.405.4 for an HTC phone.

“Note: We recommend using a free Wi-Fi hotspot or an unlimited data plan to apply this update. If not, standard data connection charges may apply. For any questions, please contact us at

And here’s another look at our favourite stock image of the HTC Desire, as posts just aren’t the same without a centre-justified image in the middle of them.

htc desire android update

We’re going to wear this picture out pretty soon. Link via Pocket-Lint.