LG GT540 Swift priced & dated for UK – £199, arriving April 30

The battle to offer us the cheapest Android phone continues, with UK retailer Play revealing its hand on the latest LG Android handset – the quirky GT540 Swift – and slapping a great price of £199 on the SIM-free unlocked version.

That’s a pretty amazing price. You could use it for a year as a stop-gap then bin it. No offence meant, LG.

That puts the LG Swift at the top of the “entry level” Android range, we reckon, with its 3″ screen placing it well ahead of the small-screened Sony Ericsson X10 Mini and Mini Pro in bang-for-bucks – and the phone itself looking significantly more stylish than the likes of other “budget” Android phones like the Pulse and Tattoo.

lg gt540 pre-order price

We don’t believe the GT540 has yet found itself a UK highstreet retailer – and there’s precious little point in getting it on a monthly contract if it can be picked up for £199 unlocked, eh?

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