Vodafone: HTC Magic has been "discontinued" in the UK

Oh dear. Devastating news reaches us courtesy of Vodafone’s superb UK forum, where the administrator has broken the sad, sad news that the HTC Magic – which you overseas people might know as the myTouch 3G – has been discontinued.

While US users get a refreshed version complete with headphone jack, we’ve no such luck. It’s gone. Here’s the quote:

“Unfortunately the HTC Magic has just been discontinued and we no longer have stock of that phone.”

Here’s a superb HTC Magic promotional photo we’ve been saving for quite some time. We had hoped to use it for a happier occasion, but… THERE’S NO POINT ANY MORE AND NOTHING MAKES SENSE.

htc magic big pic 2

This rather bizarrely means that the ONLY Android phone currently on sale at Vodafone UK is the HTC Tattoo, a defiantly “entry level” phone that hardly demonstrates Android to its fullest degree. Vodafone is also advertising the Xperia X10 it’ll be stocking in April, but if you want an Android phone via Vodafone this month? It’s the Tattoo or nothing.

Terrible support for Android there from Vodafone. Users aren’t buying Vodafone 360 phones instead, you know – they’re going to other networks.

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  1. Jay3gsm

     /  March 7, 2010

    You’re right in saying that 360 isn’t selling, but customers are not going to other networks, they’re buying the iPhone instead. Sad, but simple. As nice as the iPhone is, I’d take an Android phone any day. I see Voda state they’ll be getting the Desire wehn it launches, but as a member of the OHA I’d like to see Voda supporting Android a bit more. T-Mobile are much better in this regard.