Google launches Gesture Search for Android 2.0 phones and above

Late yesterday, Google OFFICIALISED the launch of Gesture Search, a new way of scouring your Android phone’s content by simply writing letters on the screen with your finger or a nearby sausage.

Here’s how Google explained it. The part of ‘Anne’ is played by an actress.

“Say you want to call your friend Anne. Just open Gesture Search and draw letter “A”, and Gesture Search returns a list of items that have words starting with “A”. If your handwriting isn’t all that neat, that’s okay. If the “A” you draw looks a bit like an “H”, as seen in the bottom left corner of the screenshot, “H” results will be brought up as well. If needed, you can also erase a query by crossing it horizontally: left to right erases the entire query, and right to left removes the last letter or space in the query. Now you can either scroll down the list to find Anne or write more letters to refine the search.”

google android gestures-Search 1 google android gestures-Search 2

Sounds good. Certainly a better and more convenient tool to use in public than Voice Search. If you want Gesture Search, search for it in the Android Market – but remember it’ll only show up as a download if your phone’s got Android 2.0.1 or above.

Let’s hope the recent rumour suggesting that ALL Android phones would eventually get an Android 2.1 update are true – if the mighty Google thinks it’s OK to segregate its users like this, it could become a trend that leaves non-updated Android phone owners without much to play with at all.

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  1. Francesco

     /  March 6, 2010


  2. zztop

     /  March 14, 2010

    Have it since day 1…it’s fantastic !