RUBBISH APP: Urbanspoon launches on Android

Urbanspoon, the random eatery listing generator that’s one of the most nonsensical and pointless apps for iPhone, has just launched on Android. So if you’re so shallow and insecure you can’t even decide what you want to eat for dinner tonight without first consulting a mobile phone HIVE MIND and having others recommend something for you, here you go.

Apple-fan-approved fashionable restaurants. Why not simply page through a telephone directory?

urbanspoon android 1 urbanspoon android 2

It’s such a fashionable app, Urbanspoon currently only works on the Nexus One and DROID – it must take a lot of processor power to render that text list. More Urbanspoon news from a much more balanced standpoint can be found over at Mashable today.

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  1. Seriously, Planet Android is hardly worth reading because crap like this turns up in it.

  2. Tim

     /  February 6, 2010


    You’re kidding right? These rubbish app pieces are great. I love em. Eurodroid is just about the only good thing on planetandroid

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