APP REVIEW: Mabilo Ringtones

OK, so we’re probably a bit too old to have just spent 30 minutes cycling through numerous ringtones, but there’s something interesting about Mabilo Ringtones – it lets users upload their own tones to a central database, which you can preview by streaming them through the Android app.

Is it, literally, a social network of ringtines. As a technical showcase of what’s possible through an internet-having smartphone, it’s a bloody impressive little app.

mabilo ringtones 1 mabilo ringtones 2

Problem is, even with thousands of free ringtones to choose from, there’s not much among Mabilo’s selection for boring adult males like us. All we want is a nice, simple ringing sound or a quiet and gentlemanly little beep that’s not too loud or aggressive. Could we find one? No.

It’s all Missy Elliot and Lady Gaga midi files, dodgy Euro-trance mixes, or video game sound effects. Nice if you’re into that sort of thing, though. But we’ll be sticking with the Android defaults for the time being. Having an MP3 ringtone is embarrassing when you’re as old as us.

Images nicked off Androidtapp.

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  1. Thank you for your input and blog post. Mabilo will take your opinions into consideration, and have a separate category developed for simple ringers and tones.

  2. I think this a site that aspires to be the hub of all ringtone downloads and interaction. With a lot of work it could be highly successful but it has some tough competition.