The "Google Phone" is now called the "Nexus One"

Nexus One? Didn’t they have a few hits during the original early 1990s rave scene?

Regardless of the rubbish nature of the current code name for the alleged “Google Phone”, the US Android blogs and even the Wall Street Journal all staked their claims to be the #1 on Google for the search term “Google Nexus One” last night with the internet declaring en masse that the “Google Phone” handed out to Google employees on Friday is indeed called Nexus One.

Here’s a photo of what is believed to be the thing, which the WSJ says is manufactured exclusively for Google by HTC and seems to be little more than a slightly face-lifted HTC Hero or, most likely, an unbadged HTC Bravo.

alleged googlephone nexus one htc

Looks as generically lovely as all HTC Android phones, but please brainstorm up a better name for it, Uncle Google – we can’t bear the thought of having to “work with” Nexus One throughout 2010. Thankfully, TechCrunch disagrees with the Nexus naming business, claiming the Google Phone “Will be called the Google Phone.”